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Hathmic, Home brand of Heritage International, a 100 years old Company in Edible Oil, Honey and Coffee. has been delivering results since we opened in 1905. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers just like how it was ten decade ago, and we believe strongly to give the best to the customers that alone had kept us in the food Field since then. The Hathmic Owns about 212 Acres Coconut Farm with about 16448 Live Coconut trees Providing about 1,00,000 Coconuts a month and one Million Coconuts an Year, with 25 Tonnes of Virgin Coconut Oil a Month and 4.2 Tonnes of Coco Peat, 42000 Ltrs of Coconut Water. 1,00,000 Ltrs of Coconut Milk per month. Considered to be the Only Largest Player in India with a Well Sophisticated Farmland and Factory. Hathmic Today Exports to the USA for the much Renowned Household Brand.

Mr.Saravanan Kumaramangalam and ShasheReka Kumaramangalam the Followers of the founder Mr.Rajan Kumaramangalam, who shares the same Passion of sharing the Best Made Products and has over 17years of experience in Food industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations with Overwhelming, consistent Quality that matters a lot for customers.

Hathmic Cattle Feeds..

Hathmic Has Recently Launched a Campaign Considering the Health Conditions of Cattles due to the Expensive Feeds Available has not enough Nutritious Contents. And so we Developed a Program called ShishuPala Scheme that would benefit the Farmers and the Cows as well. Currently the Scheme Serves the area of Erode and areas around, and soon to be Available across Tamilnadu. For Further Details Kindly Please Contact us

ShishuPala Scheme :  


Oil cakes, the main Ingredient that gets remained after the Extraction of the Oil’s. Hence Hathmic Decided to Enter the Market Autonomously to Benefit the Farmers and the cattle Owners. So Hathmic Ended the supply of oil Cake to the Feed Manufacturers and started on its own only with a motive to Benefit the Cattle Owners and the Cows. And now the Scheme Delivers Feed to about 5000 Farmers with about 9150 Cows at a cost of Just INR.15. While the Competitors cost about INR.42. There are set of veterinary doctor’s to follow on a Regular Check up for the Cow’s. Leading a way to good milk being Supplied.

Our Mission:

Its Quite Simple. “No One Cares you as much as we Do”.

Hathmic dhanam:

Hathmic Dhanam, is a scheme that’s been Introduced by 2011. The scheme is to help the Farmers by Providing the Seeds for the Farmers to Plant. Currently Hathmic Provides Groundnut and Sesame Seeds. These seeds are been given to the Farmers at the Market Price and Enter an Agreement to Buy back the Yeild. This Ensures a Smooth Transaction for the Farmers to Sell back the Yield at the current market value. Farmers can also Store their Goods for about .75 Paise per tonne/month which is 32 times lower than any competitors. These Shemes by Hathmic Ensure a Smooth Eco-System and a Consistency in Quality with a Commitment. 


Hathmic vrukshaDharma:

Hathmic Vrukshadharma, is an icing on the Cake that delivers Coconut seedlings Free of Cost to you over your Interests. So We Welcome you to Claim one anytime by using our Contact us Page.


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Your Words are Important to us.