Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

cold pressed groundnut oil benefits

Divinely made

The Selected Variety Groundnuts from the Contracted farms reach the Warehouse and Sun Dried for Oil Extraction using the Wood Pressed or Chekku Process.


Cold Pressed Groundnut oils are Highly Nutritious with the Unique Nutty Flavour, Enhances the Taste of the Food.

Highly Aromatic

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oils have a nice Nutty Aroma which is completely Natural and not found in chemically Processed Oils.

Healthy oil's

Since the Cold Pressed Oil's are not highly Processed or Exposed to High Temperatures unlike Refined Oils. These unrefined oils are Considered to be a Healthy

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Why Hathmic is Special?

Every Cold Pressed Oils are Special, But What Makes Hathmic Virgin Groundnut Oil a Special is the way we do it. Unlike any other brands Hathmic does not see Cold pressed Oil a Commodity. We see it more than that. Hathmic Controls the whole Process. Yes, the Whole Process what we mean is rite. Our way of Procurement is what makes us Different, Hathmic Manages the Production Plan rite at the very beginning of the Culturing Season of Groundnuts, and enter a Contract with the Farmers and Help them with Various Crop Finance Schemes to help them grow the best variety of Groundnuts. This Process goes on till the time of reaping season. Then We Grade the Peanuts for the Oil extraction and Chikki Making Process. The Best Vareity enters the State of the Art Natural Extraction Plant of Hathmic Prouly Named as, “Aroghya Swarga”. It is not that easy to Make it to this Manufacturing Plant unless the Seed Deserves the real quality to satisfy your Nutritious and Healthy Need. The Oils are separated using the Cold Pressed Oil Extractor with Zero Heat Exposure. Then the Oil is Stored in the gigantic storage tanks made of SS304 Grade Stainless Steel Tank for Settling Down of the Sediments in the Oil. This takes about 10 Days for the Oils to become the Pure Grade Oil that actually goes to the Customers.


The Remains of the groundnut after the Oil Extraction goes to the Cows Of the Locale under a Pilot Program initiated by Our MD Mr. Saravanan Kumaramangalam called, “Shishupala ” Scheme that now serves around 5000 cows at an Estimated Growth rate of 112PCT per annum with a Motive to Provide a Balanced Nutrition to COWS.

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