Hathmic 10 in 1 Herbal Hair Oil (250mI)

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  • Hathmic natural Herbal Hair Oil reinvigorates hair tissues. It provides natural goodness to hair. Herbal hair oil contains vitamins and micro-nutrients which act as food for the hair and also help in preventing hair loss due to Pollution and tames frizzy hair. Hair ends needs special care and Hathmic hair oil made with herbs pampers them through their nutrients
  • A thorough massage with Hathmic Herbal oil boosts blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair. The hair is made up of pure protein and requires regular replenishment. The Herbal Hair Oil provides vitamins and essential elements to the scalp and to the hair making it stronger and the scalp healthier
  • The natural herbs extracts contain nutrients which relieve Premature greying and act as a barrier against external factors such as grime, dust & pollution
  • Hathmic Herbal oil contains AMLA, which helps in the thickening of hair, BRINGHA RAJ helps in hair re-growth and stops the hair fall, CURRY LEAVES helps stop the premature greying, NATURAL HENNA leaves act as the Hair conditioner
  • Hathmic Herbal hair oil also contains, HIBISCUS act as the fastest ingredient to stop the hair fail and “OREGANO MAJORAN” belongs to the mint family which contains Menthol that triggers cold-sensitive TRPM8 receptors in the skin providing a ‘cooling’ effect in the scalp which helps relieve stress and stress-related hair fall. “Fenugreek seeds” reduce dandruff and maintains a healthy scalp. “Raw Virgin coconut oil” enhances hair re-growth. “Alternanthera sessilis” helps in hair thickening formula
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“An Ancient Hair formula ”

10 ingredients with 10 benefits of using Hathmic Herbal oil

Hathmic Herbal oil has made with the 10 herbs, each herb has its benefit for hair. Today in this busy schedule nobody has the time to take care of themselves, and dust, pollution may spoil hair. Keeping all these things in the mind Hathmic has designed a product that has 10 herbs in a single product, Hathmic Herbal oil is an ancient formula for Hair.


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