Hathmic Madrasi Instant Coffee, 180g

299.00 298.00

  • Tastes Fresh, Smells Aromatic, Looks Beautiful when Added to Milk Just Like your Freshly Brewed Home-Made Filter Coffee. Hathmic Madras Coffee is a Genuine Inspiration from South Indian Classic Filter Coffee. Madrasi Instant coffee is made with love to kick-start your day with full of energy and positivity throughout the day
  • Blend of most exceptional Slow Roasted Arabica beans with Chicory and then been carefully spray dried to get the Perfect Madras instant Coffee Powder, which is later been Granulated for perfection
  • Brand-new plus intensified processes assure that the fresh coffee aroma is preserved and then being ready for the magic in your Coffee Cup
  • Boost energy with one cup of Kumbakonam instant degree coffee powder that makes your day special and confident all the time
  • Enjoy the rich in aromatic, unforgettable flavour from South Indian Instant Coffee, which is highly inspired by the South Indian Homes


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