Hathmic Milk Protein Keratin Shampoo, 200ML


  • Hathmic Aloe Vera Milk Protein Shampoo is the natural solution for hair growth and the single stop solution for all hair problems, Ex: Dandruff, Hair Loss, Dry Hair, Split Ends, Oily/Greasy Hair, Frizzy Hair, Dull Hair, and Heat-Damaged Hair
  • Our Shampoo has Silk protein which can replenish the hair with cysteine which is one of the 4 amino acids needed to produce keratin. As it penetrates the hair, and it improves its elasticity against breakage while also forming a protective barrier on the hair
  • Hathmic Aloe Vera Milk Protein Shampoo has Argan oil which contains antioxidants that repair damaged cellular membranes and it also contains vitamins E whose function is to bring back imperfect hair to shape, and our shampoo also contain Aloe Vera which helps to promote hair growth rapidly & decrease dandruff and conditions hair


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Hathmic Aloe Vera Milk Protein Shampoo

It is rich in Milk proteins which help to infuse nutrients into every strand and the exclusive Argan Oil-Aleo vera blend for the daily nourishment & intense hydration. Our hair is made of proteins which are necessary for tissue growth, there are two types of protein in milk, casein, and whey, and both can benefit our hair. A diet low in protein may cause hair to thin or go into a dormant stage and stop growing. Hathmic has made a shampoo that has Milk protein which is very essential for hair growth.


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