Hathmic Natural Honey 500 Grams

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  • Forest honey is also known as honeydew honey And hathmic Wild Hone is Extracted from Western Ghats. Instead of gathering nectar from flowers, when making forest honey, bees collect honeydew from trees. That sugary secretion is called honeydew. The trees and aphids involved in this process are commonly found in the WESTERN GHATS IN INDIA… Wild forest pure honey has the strongest flavour, and by some experts is considered the most medicinal.
  • Wild forest pure honey strengthens the body’s immune system and also provides the ability to withstand the bacterial attack inside and outside the body. Honey is a type of bacterial-resistant material that protects the body from unwanted infection.
  • Hathmic Wild forest pure honey that helps to easily digest. Because the dextrin contained in it directly enters the blood and acts immediately. Honey is particularly useful for people who takes Medicines.
  • If you drink 1 teaspoon of Wild forest pure honey in the early morning, it betters bowel movements.
  • Wild forest pure honey mixed with light warm milk honey is a great drink as a tranquil beverage.


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