Hathmic Cold Pressed Sesame / Gingelly / Til Oil, 1L HDPE (Un Refined and Un Filtered Pure Oil)


  • The USDA Certified Organic Sesame Oil from Hathmic has, No Artificial Colors, Cold Pressed Using Traditional Wood Pressed Method and made using Black Sesame Seeds that is Rich in Essential Nutrients like Iron.
  • Cold Pressed Sesame Oil has a Very Well Balanced PUFA and MUFA Ratio Helps Keep the Blood Vessels Clean. And the Sesame oil or Til Oil is rich in AntiOxidants
  • The Til / Sesame Oil which is rich in Magnesium, Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acid’s to support a Healthy Heart and Maintain Blood Pressure
  • Hathmic Sesame oil has the natural nutty aroma and pleasent nutty flavour that makes the food more tastier and healthier.
  • Sesame Oil From Hathmic is an USDA Organic Certified, made from NON GMO Raw Material, Gluten Free, Tasty and Healthy. Hathmic sesame oil can be used in cooking, hair and skincare, body massage and natural moisturizer.
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A greater part of the Indian population is vegetarian and therefore, since they are the main source of dietary fats, choices of edible vegetable oil are of great importance. In each region, distinct oils are used for cooking and food preparation. In south India coconut and Groundnut, in the east and north mustard and Sesame oil, in Rajasthan sesame oil, and in central India and Gujarat groundnut oil is Preferably Choosed. The specific choice of edible oil in the various regions is based upon traditional eating and cooking habits which in turn depend on local availability, local soils and India’s often arid climate. Thus there exists a virtuous circle in which agriculture, cuisine and health are mutually supportive.

Unlike Refined Oils Hathmic Cold Pressed Oils are not Refined, Hydrogenated, Bleached or Filtered to give a Clear and transparent Stature. And these Cold Pressed Oils are Well Suited for Indian Cooking Methods than any Foreign Oils Like Soy bean Oil or Safflower oil and Sun Flower Oil.

Hathmic strives to give the best Cold Pressed Edible Oils Following the Traditional Extraction method. Those Methods do not use any Chemical Interactions to the Products and Retain the Nutrients of the Product till it Reaches You. Every Batch is Freshly Produced for an Esteemed Quality.

Cold Pressed

Organic Cold Pressed

Hathmic Cold Pressed Oils are Extracted using a Traditional Wood Press. Where in which the Oil is Extracted without Heat at all.



Natural Nutty Flavour

Hathmic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, since not been Processed at all, it have a Highly Aromatic Nutty Flavour, which adds a New Taste to your Food.

Taste the real

Taste The Real

Enjoy the Real taste of a Cold Pressed Sesame Oil from Hathmic and Make Your Cooking Special Everyday.

Safe Container

Safe Container

Hathmic Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil Comes in a safe HDPE Jar which is a State Of the Art, ZERO Escape Jar which Locks not just the Product but also the Nutrition, Aroma and the Oil’s Texture. And so Your Oil is Not Open Free to the Day light or the Direct Sunlight which would spoil the Oil.


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