Hathmic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Paniyarakkal, 9 Holes


Hathmic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Paniyaram pans are handcrafted using the finest and pure quality of cast iron by retaining their classic look and craftsmanship. Our cast iron products are 100% free from the chemical coating and synthetic. And it requires very little oil for cooking and it can be used in both type-stove and over the fire. Heat spreads evenly across the cooking surface area will make it easier to get crispy and soft in the center of Paniyaram, and it will also fortify food with vital iron contain. Our Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Paniyaram is made from the finest quality of Iron. Enjoy the crispy and yummy, yummy Paniyarams from Hathmic Paniyram pan.

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  • Hathmic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Paniyaram pan is more convenient to handle, and it is a good snack to make at home with less cost.
  • Evenly heat distribution and its retention in a uniformed manner across the cooking surface will enhance the food with supreme quality and helps you to get soft and crispy golden browned Paniyarams
  • It is a durable alternative to non-stick pans if properly maintained and can be passed to the future generations
  • One of the greatest benefits of cooking in cast iron is 100 % chemical free with non-lead content
  • Enjoy the Crispy, delicious Paniyaram or Paddu at your doorstep

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 7 cm


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