Hathmic Raw Flax Seeds, 500g

490.00 219.00

  • 5474 mg omega 3 1416 mg omega 6 essential fatty acids per serving, which keeps the heart healthy
  • Flaxseed pairs perfectly with oatmeal, granola, salads, cold pasta or blended right into your favorite smoothie. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a sprinkle of organic flaxseed is also an easy (and delicious) way to increase your daily fiber intake
  • A combination of fiber and protein helps keep you satisfied all day long by curbing hunger and cravings. Each serving of Viva Naturals’ flaxseed provides 3g of vegan protein, making it suitable for all diets!
  • Our flaxseed adds a pleasant nutty flavor to foods while boosting everyday nutrition. Blends seamlessly in cereals, desserts, smoothies and more
  • This Product From Hathmic is a NON GMO


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