Hathmic Traditional Cast Iron Cookware Set of Paniyara Kal – 7 Holes, Skillet Pan -10.25 Inch, Dosa Tawa -11 Inch


Hathmic unseasoned Skillet Pan, Paniyaram Chatty’s & Dosa Tawas are handcrafted using the finest quality of cast iron by retaining their classic look and craftsmanship. One of the major benefits of cooking in Cast Iron is that it will provide a dietary iron to our food. Skillets can be used for multiple purposes such as Sautéing, Pan-frying, Searing, Baking, Braising & Roasting. It will get heated up slowly and will retain the heat for more time so that our dishes will remain warmer for a longer time. Hathmic Paniyaram Chatty’s & Dosa Tawa are also made from the finest quality of Cast iron, the hassle of preparing a perfect round shaped non-sticky and crispy dosa gets sorted with Hathmic Cast Iron Dosa tawa’s. It absorbs the heat faster to all parts of the surface thus requiring less time to cook the proper round crispy dosa with less consumption of cooking gas. Paniyaram Chatty’s requires very less oil for cooking and it can be used in both the aspects -Stove and over the fire. The heat spreads across the cooking surface which will make it easier to get crispy and soft in the centre of Paniyaram. Through proper seasoning and it requires minimal Maintainance these products can last for years.

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  • ALL IN ONE SET: It is the time to enjoy a portion of healthy and delicious food with Hathmic’s Cast Iron combo set combines with the most needed Cast Iron cook-wares for a complete kitchen. Our Cast Iron cookware set includes Skillet Pan 10.25 Inch 3kg, Dosa Tawa 11 Inch 2.4kg  & 7 Pit hole Paniyara 2.5kg.
  • Hathmic Cast Iron Cookware’s are tested for impurities before manufacturing it and the final product also undergo for the quality and durability check.
  • Uniformed heat distribution all across the cooking surface and its retention will help the dishes to stay warmer for a longer period with less consumption of cooking gas.
  • Our unseasoned Cast Iron Cookware’s are the most optimal solution for making food with supreme quality in a cost-effective manner. Hathmic Cast iron products are Chemical free and environment friendly.
  • Cooking via Cast Iron products will help our food with enough iron content which will help us to stay healthy and happy.


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