Say ‘good-bye’ to single-use plastic

Hathmic is the brand that is concerned about people’s health and the negative impact occurring on the environment due to Plastic. There are many brands are available with PET bottle packaging, but Hathmic wants to serve the better for society and we are concerned about the people health and the environment which we live in, and let me explain it to you how glass packaging is beneficial for our health as well as for the product ingredients. Glass is nonporous and impermeable, so there are no interactions between glass packaging and products to affect the flavor of food; glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, ensuring that the products inside a glass bottle keep their strength, aroma, and flavor. Glass is always a safe choice to use and plastic can melt, and there are risks of chemicals leaking into your food. Keeping all these parameters in the mind Hathmic has designed its Raw Extra virgin coconut oil in a Glass bottle.

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